BTMA-What Types of Impact Crusher are used in the Mining Industry?

With the development of mining industry, intelligent mobile gravel crusher plant emerges, so that mining can easily realize the “freedom of crushing”.  Impact crusher as an indispensable crusher of mining industry, is there mobile? Impact crusher is mainly used for processing soft materials with compressive strength no more than 350 mpa. It has good compressive strength, and can process hard materials. What types of impact crusher are used in mining Industry?


PF-1007 is a small impact crusher commonly used at present. PF-1010, PF-1210 impact crusher is also suitable for small and medium-sized sand factory.



1, PF-1007 impact crusher is on behalf of small and medium-sized impact crusher, its specification is Φ1000×700mm, production capacity range between 30-70t/h, the motor power between 4p37-45kw, input and operation costs are relatively low. PF1007 impact crusher is very suitable for the production of small stone factory.



2, PF-1010 impact crusher is the middle model of small impact crusher, is also a more popular model. The specifications of the model are Φ1000×1000, the production range between 50-90tph, motor power of 4p45-55kw. Its overall design is more reasonable, raw material crushing is more sufficient, in the project has been given full play to create considerable practical value, won the user’s praise.


3, PF-1210 impact crusher is a very popular model, the model specification is Φ1250×1050mm, feed port size is 400mm×1080mm,  motor power of 6p110kw; The production capacity is between 70-130tph, which is suitable for small stone mills and medium-sized stone mills.


It plays an important role in the mine field. Impact mobile crusher plant is also widely used, The main advantage is that raw materials without transportation, equipment without piling, directly move into the site, quickly work into the running state, one-stop to complete the whole crushing processing; The whole use of automatic touch screen control system, saving time and labor, not only has high crushing efficiency, but also has low energy consumption.


In recent years, with the rapid development of mining industry, the demand for sand and stone in many industrial sectors is gradually increasing. The impact crusher not only has the characteristics of fine crushing, high efficiency and shaping, but also has the flexibility and convenience of mobile crushing, so it is more popular in the fields of sand and gravel, construction, coal mine, road engineering and so on.

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