BTMA–Which is better between jaw crusher and hammer crusher?

The development of crusher industry is quite rapid. With the development of market economy and the improvement of technology, crusher development experiences several different periods. The type of crusher changes several times and the performance has been greatly improved. At present, there are many types and brands of crusher. Customers are confused and blind when choosing proper equipment.


There are so many crushers with various types that customers are not sure to choose proper crusher because most of the performance is almost identical.


Among these crushers, hammer crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, even discharging granularity and low energy consumption. However, due to the quick wear of hammer, its application in crushing hard materials has been greatly limited. In addition, grate bar is not suitable to be used for crushing material with high humidity and without clay because grate bar is so easy to be blocked. This kind of crusher is usually applied in crushing the brittle and medium-hard material, such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum and chalk.


Before purchasing the crushing equipment, what you need to do is to learn the functions of various crushers and the type of your project, thus you can find a proper crusher.


According to the to-be-crushed materials and the granularity of end product, crusher can be divided into jaw type, roller type and heavy hammer type. Hammer crusher and jaw crusher can be used to crush large material with low granularity requirement and high hardness.


Hammer crusher has the following disadvantages: loud noise and relatively high failure rate. If the requirement for the granularity and size of crushed material is not high, roller crusher will be suitable for crushing the material with low hardness.


Thus it can be seen that hammer crusher plays a limited role in the further production in market economy due to its plenty of drawbacks. The further development of crusher market requires hammer crusher or jaw crusher to be transformed in performance.

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