BTMA-Why is the small jaw crusher so popular ?


Small jaw crushers are hot in market


The jaw crusher is a primary rock crushing equipment. In recent years, the market for small or mini jaw crushers has been hot, and the orders receive by our company have continued to increase, which is larger than before.



So why is the small jaw crusher so popular?


Nowadays, the demand for small or mini jaw crusher apply in household is increasing, and the machine is mostly use to crush bricks and small pieces of concrete waste.


The output of a small jaw crusher is very small, generally there is no need to purchase a complete set of equipment, only a small jaw crusher can meet its needs.


Small jaw crusher jaws are adjustable down to about half an inch, and up to about two and a half to three inches discharge. The final products can be directly put into application without further crushing by other crushers.


In the process of continuous improvement, various types of small jaw crusher machines have appeared on the market, such as the small a PE jaw crusher, a small portable rock crusher, a small mobile stone crusher and a small hydraulic jaw crusher.


PE jaw crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, easy maintenance and high productivity, and it is the most widely used jaw crusher.


Unique features


These jaw plates are 11-13% manganese, so they’ll last a long time. They actually get work hard, so as you run it, they get harder and harder, and will last a long time.


Two ways to start small and mini jaw crushers: roll the flywheel and pull the engine cord.


All types of jaw crusher can  install on the portable-wheel framework and with conveyor belt to became a portable jaw crusher. It is movable and easy to install on sites.

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