BTMA–How to choose a proper cone crusher?

Cone crushers are widely used in smelting, building materials, roads, railways, chemical industries and other industries for coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks. Because of its simple structure, low energy consumption and good product size, it is welcomed by more and more users.


However, in the stone production line, it is usually necessary to choose different crushing chambers according to the conditions of the materials and the requirements of the finished product. You can also check more video details of our crusher on our Company Instagram .So how to choose a cone crusher?




1、Wear resistance of the liner


The longer the bushing of the stone cone crusher, the higher the power consumption. Therefore, short linings are used for hard and thin materials, and long linings are used for soft and thick materials.


2、Exercise of power


In terms of power, the standard cone crusher should reach 75% ~ 80%, and the short head cone crusher should reach 80% ~ 85%.

3、Production capacity


The higher the production efficiency of the cone crushing plant, the higher the output of finished materials, and the better the economic benefits for users. Therefore, users must clearly understand the unit output of the equipment when purchasing, and choose a cone crusher that suits their production needs in combination with the actual situation.


4、Degree of automation


The cone crushing equipment has a high degree of automation, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves time, manpower and cost. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a cone crusher factory with a high degree of automation.


5、Failure rate


Once the high-performance cone crusher breaks down, it will not only affect production, but also increase production costs. When purchasing, the user should check whether the manufacturer has optimized the equipment and whether there is an overload protection device (the overload protection device can allow foreign objects to pass through the crushing chamber without harming the machine).




It is also very important to choose a regular cone crusher manufacturer. Regular manufacturers have high reputation, strong strength, advanced production technology, rich production experience, all indicators comply with relevant regulations, and the cost-effectiveness of equipment is relatively high.




Cost input, market conditions, economic trends, regional differences, etc. will all affect the price of rock cone crushers. Excessively high prices make the manufacturer’s profits relatively large, while excessively low prices lead to unsafe equipment quality. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various aspects and choose an aggregate cone crusher device with better performance.

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