How to Replace and Maintain Crusher Bearings?

crusher bearing

Crushers are widely used in industries such as mineral processing and construction materials, and their normal operation depends on the proper functioning of various components, with bearings being one of the most crucial. Proper replacement and maintenance of bearings not only extend the life of the crusher but also improve production efficiency. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to replace and maintain crusher bearings.

1、Steps to Replace Crusher Bearings


Before replacing the bearings, prepare the necessary tools and equipment, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, lubricating oil, and cleaning agents. Ensure that the new bearings meet the specifications required for the crusher.

3、Shutdown and Power Off

For safety reasons, the crusher must be shut down and the power disconnected to prevent accidental start-up before replacing the bearings.

4、Disassemble the Crusher

Disassemble the crusher’s outer shell and protective covers to expose the bearings that need to be replaced. During disassembly, take care to keep all bolts and parts in order to prevent losing them.

5、Remove Old Bearings

Carefully remove the old bearings using specialized tools, taking care not to damage the bearing housing or shaft. If the old bearings are difficult to remove, heating or cooling methods can be used to facilitate their removal.

6、Clean the Bearing Housing

Remove dirt and old lubricant from the bearing housing, thoroughly clean it with a cleaning agent, and inspect the housing for wear or damage.

7、Install New Bearings

Before installing the new bearings, ensure both the bearings and the housing are clean. Gently place the new bearings into the housing and secure them in place using appropriate tools. Be careful not to apply excessive force to avoid damaging the bearings.

8、Lubricate the Bearings

After installation, add the appropriate amount of lubricating oil or grease to the bearings. The choice of lubricant should be based on the crusher’s operating environment and usage requirements.

9、Reassemble the Crusher

Reassemble the crusher in the reverse order of disassembly, ensuring all bolts and parts are securely fastened.

10、Test Run

After replacement, perform a test run to observe the operation of the bearings and ensure there are no abnormal noises or vibrations.


Maintenance of Crusher Bearings


1、Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect the operational status of the bearings, paying attention to the temperature, vibration, and noise. If any abnormalities are found, stop the machine for inspection and handling.

2、Lubrication Maintenance

Based on the usage conditions, regularly add or replace the lubricating oil or grease to maintain the lubrication state of the bearings and prevent wear caused by dry friction.

3、Cleaning Maintenance

Regularly clean the crusher and bearings to prevent dust and impurities from entering the bearings and affecting their normal operation.

4、Load Control

Control the working load of the crusher to avoid prolonged overload operation, thereby extending the service life of the bearings.

5、Professional Maintenance

Periodically hire professionals for comprehensive inspections and maintenance to ensure that the crusher and bearings are always in optimal working condition.


Proper replacement and maintenance of crusher bearings are crucial to ensuring efficient operation of the equipment. By regular inspection, lubrication, cleaning, and load control, the service life of the bearings can be effectively extended, and the working efficiency of the crusher can be improved. We hope the steps and recommendations provided in this article will help you better maintain and replace crusher bearings in your operations, ensuring smooth production.



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