BTMA–How Much Do You Know About The Diesel Engine?

Diesel engine is a compression ignition engine, It can use compressed air to ignite an internal combustion engine. Similar to a gasoline engine, they all need four strokes of suction, compression, power and exhaust.

Working principle

The diesel engine inhales pure air and the temperature rises during compression, when it reachs 500 to 700 degrees Celsius. Then can ignite diesel mist sprayed into the combustion chamber at high temperature. The energy released during combustion powers the piston and maintains the required combustion temperature.

The diesel engine’s combustion mainly occurs, when the diesel oil is mixed with air in the form of mist, through the fuel injection pump.Then it can result in more complete combustion and higher efficiency. At the mean time,it can also provides higher fuel economy at lower rpm, and with maximum power output and less fuel consumption.

Application of Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are widely used, including automobiles, ships, generator sets, construction machinery and other fields. Due to its high efficiency, high power and low fuel consumption, diesel engines play an important role in transportation, energy utilization and environmental protection.

Advantages And Disadvantages

The compression ratio of a diesel engine is very high, and its efficiency is higher than that of a gasoline engine,usually between 15 and 20, while the compression ratio of a gasoline engine is usually below 10. This high compression ratio allows the diesel engine to generate higher pressure and temperature. When ignites the diesel in the air, it can release more energy to push the piston and generate power.

The advantage is that the compression ratio of the diesel engine, it is larger than that of the gasoline engine. so the combustion is more complete.  The pressure generated by the gas is higher, and more useful work is converted.

However, diesel engines also have some disadvantages. Such as high noise, large vibration, and emission of pollutants, so it also requires corresponding technical measures.


The above is the basic knowledge about diesel engine. Diesel engine is a complex and precise machine. There are more details and maintenance knowledge that need to be understood. If necessary, please consult a professional.

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