Do you know how to maintain wet pan mill ?

When maintaining the wet pan mill, you need to pay attention to the following points:


1、Cleaning and maintenance


Keeping the wet pan mill clean is the key to preventing small materials and slag from accumulating inside the machine. This requires regular cleaning of residues in the grinding chamber, grinding wheels and grinding discs. In addition, the lubrication system of the wet pan mill also needs to be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent grease contamination and blockage.


2、Check the roller and grinding base


The grinding wheel and grinding plate are the core parts of the wet pan mill, so their wear and tear need to be checked regularly. When the wear of the grinding wheels and grinding discs reaches a certain level, new grinding wheels and grinding discs must be replaced to avoid affecting the grinding effect and the stability of the machine.


3、Check the bearings and transmission system


The bearings and transmission system of the wet pan mill also need regular inspection and maintenance. This includes checking bearings for tightness, lubrication and wear, as well as checking drive shafts and gears for wear. If there is a problem with the bearing or transmission system, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.


4、Check the reducer


The reducer of the wet pan mill needs to be checked regularly for oil level, oil quality and bearing heating. If the oil level is found to be insufficient or the oil quality deteriorates, lubricating oil needs to be added or replaced in time. If it is found that the bearing heats up too much, it may be that the bearing clearance is too large or the bearing is poorly lubricated, and the bearing needs to be adjusted or replaced in time.


5、Adjust and maintain the distance between the grinding wheels


The adjustment and maintenance of the distance between the grinding wheels is also an important step in the maintenance of the wet pan mill. The adjustment of the distance between the grinding wheels needs to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material and the grinding requirements to ensure the grinding effect and production efficiency. At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly check the support device and adjustment device of the roller to ensure the positional stability and accuracy of the roller.


6、Records and maintenance records


Maintaining the wet pan mill also requires recording and maintenance records, including maintenance time, content, problems found and treatment methods, etc. This helps track the machine’s usage and maintenance history, detect and solve problems in time, and also helps extend the service life of the wet pan mill.



In general, maintaining the wet pan mill requires regular and detailed inspection and maintenance of various components, including grinding wheels, grinding discs, bearings, reducers, etc., to ensure that they are in good working condition. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to cleaning and lubrication, adjusting and maintaining the distance between the grinding wheels, recording and maintaining records, etc., in order to extend the service life of the wet pan mill and improve production efficiency.

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