BTMA–What are the Key points of Centrifugal Concentrator operation ?

In recent years, centrifugal concentrator has become one of the main equipment for gold and iron ore beneficiation. But what are the main points of centrifugal concentrator operation?


1、The beneficiation particle size should be well controlled.


The suitable particle size range is 0.074~0.01mm. Coarse concentrate larger than 0.074mm is difficult to wash, which affects the separation effect; but too much fine mud smaller than 0.010mm is not conducive to separation, and when the amount of mud is too much, it should be deslimed in advance.


2、The amount of ore should be appropriate.


Since the feed volume directly determines the slurry flow rate and flow film thickness, the increase in the feed volume will increase the processing capacity of the equipment and increase the concentrate grade, but the concentrate yield and recovery rate will decrease. If the amount of feed is too large, there will be no concentration; when sorting hematite, the amount of ore should be controlled within the thickness of the flow film less than 0.7mm.



3、The feeding concentration should be appropriate.


The higher the feed concentration, the greater the viscosity of the slurry and the lower the fluidity of the slurry. At this time, the amount of tailings is small and the amount of concentrate is large, but the grade of concentrate is low. Too high a feed concentration can lead to stratification and even difficulty in separation. Appropriate feeding concentration is related to the length and gradient of the drum. When choosing hematite 400mm × 300mm, 800mm × 600mm and 1600mm, the suitable ore concentration of three 900mm centrifugal concentrators is 8%, 16% and 24% respectively.


4、Prevent feeding nozzle and ore washing nozzle from clogging.


Regularly check whether the action of the control mechanism is flexible, whether the ore dressing, ore breaking, ore flushing, and ore extraction are accurately coordinated, and if problems are found, stop the machine for maintenance in time.More information please visit our Instagram Page.

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