Optimizing Gold Extraction Line: Integrating Stone Crusher, Ball Mill, Centrifugal Concentrator, and Shaking Table

Using stone crusher, ball mill, gold centrifugal concentrator, and shaking table together is a common process in the mining industry, particularly for extracting gold from ore.

Here’s a general overview of how you can integrate these components effectively:

Stone Crusher

The stone crusher is used initially to crush large rocks or ore into smaller pieces. This is typically the first step in the process. Ensure that the stone crusher is set up in a location close to the mining site to minimize transportation costs and time.

Ball Mill

After the initial crushing stage, the crushed material is further ground down using a ball mill. The ball mill is a rotating cylindrical vessel that contains grinding media (such as steel balls) which grind the material into finer particles. The crushed ore is fed into the ball mill, and the rotation of the mill along with the grinding media helps to break down the ore into a fine powder.

Gold Centrifugal Concentrator

Once the material has been finely ground in the ball mill, it is then fed into the gold centrifugal concentrator. This device utilizes centrifugal force to separate gold particles from other materials. The high rotational speed of the centrifuge causes the heavier gold particles to be pushed outwards and collect in a separate compartment, while the lighter materials are discharged separately.

Shaking Table

Finally, the concentrate from the centrifugal concentrator is further processed on a shaking table. The shaking table is a gravity separation device that uses riffles and shaking motion to separate gold from other minerals based on density differences. The concentrate from the centrifugal concentrator is fed onto the shaking table, and the shaking motion helps to stratify the material, allowing the gold particles to settle to the bottom while the lighter materials are washed away.


Here’s a step-by-step process


Feed the crushed material from the stone crusher into the ball mill for further grinding.


Once finely ground, transfer the material to the gold centrifugal concentrator to separate the gold particles.


Collect the concentrate from the centrifugal concentrator and feed it onto the shaking table.


Allow the shaking table to separate the gold from other minerals based on density differences.


Collect the final concentrate, which should be enriched in gold particles, for further processing or refining.


Ensure that each component is properly set up and calibrated for optimal performance. Additionally, regular maintenance and monitoring of each component are essential to ensure efficient operation and maximize gold recovery.

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