BTMA–How to install and maintain Symons Cone Crusher?

Symons cone crusher has a variety of crushing cavity types, its structure is relatively complex, and the manufacturing precision of mechanical parts is relatively high, so it needs good maintenance to operate normally for a long time. The following is a detailed introduction to the maintenance methods of Symons cone crusher.


Installation and commissioning of Symons cone crusher


  1. The equipment should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.




  1. Pay attention to the verticality and levelness of the main body when installing.




  1. After the installation is completed, check whether the bolts of each component are loose and whether the door of the main engine is fastened. If yes, fasten.




  1. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device.




  1. After the inspection is completed, conduct a no-load test run, and the test run is normal, and production can begin.




Maintenance of Symons Cone Crusher



1、Maintenance of machine bearings




The bearings of Symons cone crusher equipment are under full load, so good lubrication is very important to the service life of the bearings, and it is also related to the service life and working efficiency of the machine. This machine is mainly for lubricating oil for rotating bearings, roller bearings, all gears, movable bearings, sliding surfaces, etc. Note that the lubricating oil added must be clean without any impurities, and the sealing must be good.




2、Inspection of each component




The newly installed wheel tires are easy to loosen and must be checked frequently. In addition, regularly check the wear degree of the wearable parts, and replace the seriously worn parts in time to avoid unnecessary failures.




3、Stop checking when there is a failure




During the operation of the Symons cone crusher, when the temperature of the bearing rises and the rotating gear has an impact sound, the operator should stop immediately, check the cause and solve the problem, so as not to affect the work efficiency. If you don’t know the specific reason, don’t operate blindly, you should find a professional technician for maintenance.



4、Remove debris in time


Operators should remove dust and other sundries on the plane of the bottom frame of the movable device of the Simon cone crusher in time. When the machine encounters unbreakable materials, the movable bearing cannot move on the bottom frame, which may cause serious accidents.



5、Clean the oil supply filter in time


The oil in the hydraulic station needs to be filtered and used for about three months. Due to the poor working conditions and large dust, the lubricating oil is easily polluted and the oil quality deteriorates. It is necessary to check and clean the oil supply filter, oil return filter, filter screen and oil quality changes every month. Keep the working pressure between 0.08-0.15MPa.


The above is a detailed introduction to the installation and maintenance of Symons stone cone crusher, so that our machine has a longer service life. If you want to know more about the mining industry, please contact us or cisit our Instagram Page.



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