BTMA–The comparison between jaw crusher and impact crusher


Rock crushing equipment is widely used and plays a key role in the mining and construction industries. For cost-effective crushing procedures, choosing the most appropriate rock crusher is critical to your business.  The jaw crusher and the impact crusher are the two most widely used crusher. Do you know the difference between the jaw crusher and the impact crusher ?  Before placing an order, let’s compare these two crushers.



  • Jaw crusher is mainly used as a primary crusher. It can break hard materials, such as granite and basalt.

  • impact crusher is usually used as a fine hardness of the crusher, such as limestone, concrete, some brittle materials have a good crushing effect. Main crushing jaw crusher discharge fine material.

Usually, the jaw crusher comes before the impact crusher.



  • jaw crusher can be broken compressive strength below 320MPa, particle size

125mm-750mm of all kinds of materials. Capacity up to 500 TPH. Most jaw crusher manufacturers offer a full range of primary jaw crusher and secondary jaw crusher.

  • impact crusher is suitable for coarse, medium crushing particle size is not more than 500mm, compressive strength is less than 50MPa of all kinds of soft and medium hard ore. Output up to 450 TPH. The final discharge size can be adjusted to meet different requirements.

3、Granularity and shape

  • Jaw crusher breaks materials through extrusion, so there are more finished needles, and the particle size is generally 10-350mm.
  • impact crusher use impact effect to reduce the size of the material, the finished products are mostly cube, less needle-like material, fine discharge particle size, good quality.


Jaw crusher and impact crusher


     4、The working principle


The motor drives the belt and pulley to move the jaws up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw rises, the Angle between the elbow plate and the moving jaw increases, thus pushing the moving jaw plate closer to the fixed jaw plate.

At the same time, the material is broken or split to achieve the purpose of crushing. When the moving jaw drops, the Angle between the elbow plate and the moving jaw becomes smaller. The moving jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of the pull rod and the spring, and the broken material is discharged from the lower mouth of the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the motor jaw is used for periodic movement to break and unload the materials to achieve continuous production.


Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed, and the material collides with the hammer on the rotor and is broken,


then thrown to the counter device and broken again. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the desired size and discharged from the outlet.


  • Due to the limitation of its own crushing effect, although the ore material broken by jaw crusher has uniform particle size, the overall particle size is relatively large, so for users with higher product quality requirements, it is necessary to consider adding some additional secondary crusher when purchasing this equipment.
  • the impact crusher has large crushing force, and has the effect of stone shaping. Therefore, the ore material processed by it is mostly cube, and the grading is reasonable, which can fully meet the current strict requirements of gravel production.

In short, in most crushing plants, the two crushers are often used in close combination.



Which is better, the jaw crusher or the impact crusher? From the point of view of market sales, the overall sales of jaw crusher exceeds the impact crusher, mainly because of its versatility and flexibility. It can not only be used as crushing equipment alone, but also be combined with other machines in various production lines. It is one of the most cost-effective crushing equipment of all.

The price of jaw crusher is generally between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands (RMB). Specific prices can consult manufacturers.



  • jaw crusher

Deep crushing cavity, improve the feeding capacity and yield; Large crushing ratio, uniform product particle size;


Reliable and convenient gasket discharge port adjustment device, large adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment; Simple structure, reliable work, less operating costs, save energy. The energy saving of a single machine is 15% ~ 30%, and the energy saving of the system is more than double. Discharge port adjustment range can meet the requirements of different users; Low noise and less dust.

The clearance between the counter plate and the hammer can be easily adjusted, effectively controlling the discharge particle size,

and the discharge particle shape is good; The structure is compact, the machine is rigid, and the rotor has a large moment of inertia; the high chrome plate hammer has high impact resistance, wear-resistance and large impact Convenient maintenance, economical and reliable; full crushing function, high productivity, low wear of machine parts, high comprehensive benefits.


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