jaw crusher Features

jaw crusher Features

Jaw crushers are used in mining, construction materials, infrastructure, and other areas. Crushing equipment can be classified into three types depending on the input size. The input size of large machines is greater than 600MM, while medium-sized machines can feed mouth widths between 300 and 600MM. Small machines require a smaller input size, which is 300 to 300 mm.

Dewo’s building materials crushing equipment include jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher. Cone crusher, cone crushers, hydraulic cone crushers, vertical shaft impact crushers, and cone crushers.

Jaw crusher for Building Materials

1. Increased feed capacity and output due to increased crushing chamber depth with no dead zone

2. They are able to crush them and produce uniform particles.

3 Saving Equipment: Stand-alone energy-saving 15%-30%, system energy more then doubled

4. Safe and reliable, simple to replace, minimal maintenance;

5 Simple structure, reliable operation, and low operating costs.

6 Gasket nesting population adjustment tool, reliable and simple adjustment range, increase flexibility

7. To meet the needs of different users, nesting population adjustment range

8 low noise, less dust.

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