Jaw crusher working principle and operating precautions

Jaw crusher is widely used in metallurgy, mining, construction, highway and other industries, and can crush river pebbles, basalt, diabase, construction waste, etc. The material is crushed to a particle size of 10-400mm, and the operation is stable, the yield is high, and the size is uniform, which can bring a larger market and higher profits to the company’s production. Regarding the principles and manufacturers of jaw crushers, this article BTMA Let me give you a brief introduction.


Working principle of jaw crusher


The motor drives the belt and pulley, and moves the movable jaw up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the toggle plate and the movable jaw becomes larger, thus pushing the movable jaw plate closer to the fixed jaw plate, and at the same time, the material is crushed or split. Broken to achieve the purpose of breaking.


When the movable jaw moves downward, the angle between the toggle plate and the movable jaw becomes smaller, and the movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of the pull rod spring. At this time, the crushed material is discharged from the lower opening of the crushing chamber. As the motor continuously rotates, the movable jaw of the crusher makes periodic movements to crush and discharge materials, realizing mass production of jaw crushers.


Jaw crusher structure


Jaw crusher is referred to as jaw crusher. The structure of jaw crusher is relatively simple. It mainly consists of frame, working mechanism, transmission mechanism, adjustment device, tensioning device, safety device and lubrication system. The overall structure can be divided into seven major piece.


The jaw crusher manufactured by BTMA Machinery has the advantages of simple structure and high production efficiency. It has been producing crushers for many years and understands what users need and can better meet the needs of users.


The jaw crusher can break raw materials of different sizes into small pieces with uniform particles. The jaw crusher can be matched with mineral processing equipment and sand and gravel equipment, or it can be used alone. It is widely used for coarse and medium crushing of ores. After long-term operation, many parts will be worn. So BTMA introduces what should be paid attention to when the jaw crusher is working?


After the user installs and tests the jaw crusher, many users only know about production and ignore the operation of the equipment, resulting in frequent equipment failures, which affects the user’s production efficiency. When operating the equipment, we must pay attention to the correctness of the operation before starting work.

The following are the operating precautions listed by the BTMA manufacturer.


Operating Precautions


1、Hardness of the material

The harder the material, the more difficult it is to crush, and the more severe the wear and tear on the equipment. The breaking speed is slow and the ability is low. Therefore, we need to pay some attention to the selection of materials.

2、Material composition

The more fine powder contained in the material before the jaw crusher, the more it will affect sand production, because these fine powders are easy to adhere and affect transportation. Therefore, materials with a high content of fine powder should be screened in advance. Screen out the fine powder as much as possible from the material to avoid affecting the normal operation of the jaw crusher.

3、The fineness of the materials crushed by the jaw crusher

The fineness requirements are high, that is, the finer the materials coming out of the crusher, the smaller the crushing capacity. This aspect depends on specific requirements. If there are no requirements, generally the fineness of the material can be set to medium fine.

4、Viscosity of the material

The greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere. Materials with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber in the jaw crusher. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will affect the working efficiency of the jaw crusher. In severe cases, it may also affect the normal operation of the jaw crusher. Therefore, when selecting materials, pay attention to the viscosity of the material.

5、Humidity of the material

When the moisture contained in the material is relatively large, the material is easy to adhere in the jaw crusher, and it is also easy to cause blockage during the unloading and transportation process, resulting in a reduction in the sand making capacity.

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