Development trends and innovation directions of mining machinery technology

The development trends and innovation directions of mining machinery technology can be discussed from the following aspects:

Application of intelligent technology

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and big data technology, mining machinery will become increasingly intelligent. Intelligent technology can realize independent decision-making and automatic operation of mining machinery, improving production efficiency and safety. For example, the intelligent inspection system can monitor the working status of equipment in real time, detect faults in time and carry out repairs.

Green environmental protection requirements

With the improvement of global environmental awareness, the green environmental protection requirements of mining machinery are also getting higher and higher. In the future, mining machinery will pay more attention to energy conservation, emission reduction and resource recycling. For example, the application of electric mining vehicles can reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution.

Green Design

In the face of increasingly severe resource and environmental constraints, designing and managing products closely around the entire life cycle is an important means to reduce energy consumption and pollution and achieve a sustainable development strategy. For example, in the development of mining machinery products, the trends of digitization, parallelization, integration and knowledge are obvious, among which digital has become the core technology to achieve rapid innovative development. In order to ensure the safety of the structure, designers often adopt conservative designs and increase the size and mass of the structure, thereby increasing consumption, reducing the payload of the structure, and increasing the consumption of manpower, finance and resources.

Unmanned technology

With the development of information technology, unmanned mining technology has evolved from automatic mining or remote control mining with traditional mining process automation as the core, to advanced sensors and detection monitoring systems, intelligent mining equipment, high-speed digital communication networks, new mining processes, etc. The development of “unmanned mines” with integration as its main technical feature.


To sum up, the development trends and innovation directions of mining machinery technology are mainly concentrated in aspects such as intelligence, green environmental protection, green design, and unmanned technology. The application and development of these technologies will help improve the production efficiency and safety of mining machinery while meeting the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.




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