BTMA–What are the advantages of the Quarry Mobile Crushing Station ?

The mobile crushing station is a new type of mobile crushing machinery. It adopts a vehicle chassis, which can directly select a venue and drive to the venue by itself without transportation.


Therefore, it is more suitable for processing crushed stone in quarries. On this basis, BTMA engineers will introduce you the knowledge of mobile crushing stations for quarry crushing.


What are the advantages of using mobile crushing station in quarry ?



  1. Wide range of applications: Taking the wheeled mobile crushing station as an example, this type of mobile crushing station adopts a vehicle-mounted traveling device with a small turning radius, which is not only convenient for driving on ordinary roads, but also more convenient for driving on rough and harsh road environments at the crushing site. This mobile crushing station is especially suitable for harsh crushing construction operations in quarries and mine sites.


  1. Better crushing effect: the mobile crushing station can complete the coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing of mineral materials at one time. Moreover, different crushing degrees can be selected according to the effect of mineral raw materials and the processing requirements of customers.


  1. Saving production costs: Unlike fixed crushing equipment, mobile crushing stations can enter the quarry to complete on-site processing of materials, which not only saves infrastructure construction links, but also reduces material consumption and man-hours.


What types of mobile crushing stations are used in quarries?


  1. According to different crushing equipment, mobile crushing stations can generally be divided into four types: mobile jaw crushing station, impact mobile crushing station, conical mobile crushing station and impact mobile crushing station.


  1. According to different walking modes, mobile crushing stations can be divided into crawler-type mobile crushing stations and wheel-type mobile crushing stations.


In addition to the classification of mobile crushing stations given above, BTMA crushers can also adopt various configuration forms according to the user’s actual processing raw materials, scale and finished material requirements, and strive to customize mobile crushing station equipment with suitable output value for users.


The crushing process of the mobile crushing station


Take mobile jaw crushing station as an example, this type of mobile crushing station includes: solid frame, jaw crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor belt, motor and control box, etc. When working, the material is pre-selected by the feeder and crushed by the jaw crusher.


A closed-loop system is formed through the vibrating screen to realize the circular crushing of materials. The finished materials are output by the conveyor for continuous crushing.More details videos can check our Instagram channel.

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