What are the common faults of mining machinery and their troubleshooting methods?

For common faults and troubleshooting methods of mining machinery, please refer to the following steps:


Common faults of crushing equipment


Such as bearing damage, hammer blade wear, gear wear, etc., solutions include replacing bearings and paying attention to correct lubrication methods, regularly inspecting and replacing worn hammer blades, and replacing worn gears and paying attention to lubrication and maintenance.


Common problems in the maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment in coal mines


For example, the equipment management system is imperfect, easy to wear and malfunction, and the use of equipment is not reasonable and scientific. Corresponding measures need to be taken, such as improving the management system, strengthening equipment maintenance, and establishing an equipment monitoring system.


In addition, for common faults and troubleshooting methods of mining machinery, you can also obtain more comprehensive and accurate information by looking for professional books or consulting professional technicians.


In addition to the common faults and solutions mentioned above, the maintenance and upkeep of mining machinery is also very important. Here is some extended information:


Preventive maintenance


Preventive maintenance is a proactive maintenance method designed to prevent breakdowns from occurring through regular inspections and maintenance. This includes regular replacement of worn parts, inspection of hydraulic and lubrication systems, cleaning of equipment, etc.


Troubleshooting Tips


For some complex failures, troubleshooting techniques may be required to identify and resolve the problem. This includes observing the operation of the equipment, checking the wear and deformation of equipment components, checking the working status of the hydraulic system and lubrication system, etc.


Security management


Mining machinery is a high-risk equipment, so the safety management system is very important. This includes training and assessment of operators, regular inspection of the safety performance of equipment, and formulation of emergency plans.


Equipment monitoring system


Equipment monitoring system is a modern technology that can monitor the operating status and performance of equipment in real time through sensors and data analysis. This can help operators find and solve problems in time to avoid malfunctions.


Maintain records and archives management


Maintenance records and file management are important aspects of equipment maintenance. This includes recording the maintenance and upkeep of equipment, establishing equipment files, and organizing relevant information on equipment use and maintenance.




To sum up, common mining machinery faults and troubleshooting methods need to be addressed from many aspects, including preventive maintenance, troubleshooting skills, safety management, equipment monitoring systems, and maintenance records and file management. Only by adopting a comprehensive maintenance strategy can we ensure the normal operation of mining machinery and improve the service life of the equipment.

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