BTMA-Repair skills of hammer crusher

hammer crusher

When the hammer crusher is started, the motor will not rotate. If an external force is applied, the motor will rotate but will emit a faint electric sound. At this time, it can be regarded as the leakage of the capacitor. Today, I will introduce the maintenance skills of hammer crusher.

If the current sound is too loud, the motor will not start or the capacitor will be short-circuited. At this time, let the maintenance staff repair it. When repairing, if there is no maintenance instrument, you can remove the capacitor, plug the two wires into the neutral socket, and connect the cables for charging.

Then take out the wire to discharge. If electric sparks can be generated, capacitors can be used in succession. If the spark is weak, the capacity of the hammer crusher will be reduced, and a new capacitor or small capacitor needs to be replaced. However, if the capacitor is damaged, it must be replaced and cannot be handled as described above.

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