Unlocking Gold: The Role of Shaking Tables in Efficient Gravity Separation

The shaking table, often referred to as a gold shaking table or gold shaker table, is a gravity separation device used in gold processing plants to separate gold particles from ore or concentrate material. It works based on the principle of gravity concentration, where heavier particles, such as gold, settle to the bottom of a slurry under the influence of gravity while lighter particles are washed away.

Here’s how the shaking table works in detail:


The process begins with the feeding of ore or concentrate material onto the shaking table deck. The material is typically fed onto the table as a slurry or pulp, which helps to facilitate the separation process.

Shaking Motion

Once the material is fed onto the table, it is subjected to a shaking motion. The shaking table is equipped with a riffled deck that is mounted on a horizontal axis and can be vibrated or shaken either manually or mechanically. This shaking motion helps to stratify the material based on particle size and density.


As the table shakes, the heavier gold particles settle to the bottom of the riffles, while lighter gangue minerals and other impurities are washed away. This process of stratification helps to concentrate the gold particles in a relatively small area of the table.

Riffles and Channels

The shaking table deck is often equipped with riffles, channels, or grooves that help to trap and retain the heavier gold particles. These riffles act as barriers that prevent the gold from being washed off the table during the shaking process.

Concentration and Collection

As the shaking motion continues, the concentrated gold particles collect along the bottom of the riffles, forming a rich concentrate. This concentrate can then be collected and further processed through additional steps such as gold smelting or refining to produce pure gold bullion.

Adjustment and Optimization

The shaking table operation may require adjustments and optimizations based on factors such as feed rate, water flow rate, and shaking intensity to achieve optimal separation efficiency and gold recovery.

In Summary

The shaking table is an essential tool in gold processing plants, providing a cost-effective and efficient method for the concentration and recovery of gold from ore or concentrate material. Its simple design, low operating cost, and ability to handle a wide range of feed materials make it a popular choice for gold miners and processing operations worldwide.




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