BTMA–What Equipment are needed for Waste Slag Crushing and Sand Making?


Waste residue is a large amount of waste generated during tunnel excavation and roadbed excavation. If these materials are discarded directly, they will have an impact on the environment.


Recycling can effectively reuse resources. Generally speaking, to extract gravel from cave slag, a three-stage crushing process of coarse crushing and fine crushing will be adopted.


The required equipment is divided into jaw crusher + cone crusher / impact crusher + sand making machine combination according to the characteristics of the stone.



  1. Jaw Crusher: Large V-shaped crushing cavity, large feeding port, extrusion crushing principle, processing bulk materials, simple operation and more durable.

  1. Impact Crusher: The hammer and impact plate are used to repeatedly strike the material to complete the crushing operation. The finished pellets are in good shape, rectangular, without tension, and without cracks. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing operations of medium and low hardness materials such as limestone.

  1. Cone Crusher: The crushing cavity, rolling mortar wall, high manganese steel liner and other wearing parts can provide greater crushing force, which is very suitable for processing high hardness materials such as granite, and has the advantages of high efficiency and large processing capacity. .


  1. Sand making machine: The commonly used sand making machine is an impact shaft impact crusher, which has the characteristics of uniform discharge, good shape of finished product particles, and low comprehensive consumption.


The above are the main crushing production equipment. In addition to the main crushing equipment, auxiliary equipment such as vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, and conveyors are also indispensable equipment in the sand production line.


The entire waste residue sand making process is complete and reasonable, and the quality of the processed crushed stone is also quite good.

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