BTMA–How Much Do You Know About The Bearings of Stone Crusher?

Jaw crusher and cone crusher are two common types of stone crushers, and their bearing types and structures are also different.

Jaw Crusher Bearings

For jaw crushers, the bearings usually include two series: coarse crushing and fine crushing. The coarse crushing series adopts rolling bearings, which can withstand large impact loads and radial loads, and is suitable for coarse crushing operations. The fine crushing series also uses rolling bearings, but the design is more compact and suitable for fine crushing operations.

Cone Crusher Bearings

For cone crushers, the bearings generally include three types: movable cone main shaft bearings, fixed cone main shaft bearings and eccentric shaft bearings. The moving cone spindle bearing is located on the upper part of the moving cone, and mainly bears the combined load of radial force and axial force, which requires a large bearing capacity and a high speed. The fixed cone spindle bearing is located on the frame and mainly bears radial loads, requiring high load capacity and low speed. The eccentric shaft bearing is located on the eccentric frame, which mainly bears the combined load of radial load and axial load, and requires high load capacity and high speed.

Whether it is a jaw crusher or a cone crusher, the selection and use of the bearings need to consider factors such as working conditions, loads, and speeds to choose the appropriate bearing type and specification. At the same time, during use, the bearings also need to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure their normal operation and service life.


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