What are the structure of Symons Cone Crusher?

Symons cone crusher is an efficient, stable and highly automated crushing equipment. It is designed and developed based on the introduction and absorption of foreign technology and the needs of customers based on the lamination crushing principle and the concept of more crushing and less grinding. Practice has proven that the CS series high-efficiency spring cone crusher has won the trust of global users with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high cost performance, and is an ideal substitute for traditional cone crushers.

It integrates high swing frequency, optimized cavity shape and reasonable stroke. The structure is becoming increasingly perfect, and the basic structure has not changed significantly. It mainly consists of a frame, fixed cone assembly, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl-shaped shaft frame part and transmission. etc.


The basic support structure of the crusher. It consists of a main frame and two side frames. The main frame is equipped with a bearing seat. The moving cone assembly and the fixed cone assembly are installed on the main frame. The side frames are mounted on the main frame. It has a spring mechanism and a bowl-shaped shaft frame.

2、Fixed cone assembly

It consists of fixed cone, suspension spring and suspension spring cylinder. The fixed cone is installed in the bearing seat on the main frame. The suspension spring cylinder is connected to the fixed cone through the top. The suspension spring is installed on the main frame and can push the fixed cone up and down.

3、Moving cone assembly

It consists of moving cone, eccentric sleeve, large gear and small gear. The moving cone is installed in the bearing seat on the main frame. The eccentric sleeve is connected to the moving cone through the large gear and the pinion gear. The pinion meshes with the large gear. Through the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, the moving cone is driven to rotate.

4、Spring mechanism

It consists of a set of springs. One end of each spring is connected to the bottom of the moving cone, and the other end is connected to the main frame. The spring of the spring mechanism can adjust the stress of the main shaft of the crusher, thereby affecting the crushing force and output of the crusher.

5、Bowl-shaped shaft frame part

It consists of bowl-shaped shaft frame, main shaft and transmission shaft. The bowl-shaped shaft frame is connected to the main frame through the bearing seat, the main shaft is connected to the bowl-shaped shaft frame, and the transmission shaft is connected to the main shaft.


It consists of motor, coupling, transmission shaft and reducer. The motor is connected to the transmission shaft through a coupling, and the transmission shaft drives the moving cone assembly to rotate through the reducer.

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