BTMA–How does a Integrated trommel gold washing machine work?

The integrated trommel gold washing machine is mainly used for the recovery of alluvial gold. It is a mobile gold beneficiation machine. It is powered by a diesel engine or generator set that powers the screening equipment and water pumping system.


The equipment is composed of hopper, ore washing machine, screening machine, gold recovery machine and so on. The base of this unit can be used as a sled or as wheels.

The equipment uses an excavator or a loader to load materials, and there is a high-pressure water gun in the hopper to spray water, so that the ore materials flow into the cylinder mud washing machine evenly for washing and screening, and the materials are thoroughly cleaned to separate the gold from the mud, greatly improving the recovery rate of the gold separation part.


According to the nature and form of gold in the mine, it can be equipped with vibration lock box, fixed lock box, centrifugal concentrator, vibration table and other equipment to collect gold, and can recover granular gold, capillary gold, flake gold, etc.




  1. It is easy to move.


  1. Integrated design, easy disassembly and assembly, saving labor.


  1. Simple structure and easy maintenance.


  1. Less damage to parts, suitable for continuous high-intensity operations.


  1. The equipment is durable and has a long service life.

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