What specific role does the wet pan mill play in the gold selection process?

The wet pan mill mainly plays the role of grinding and screening in the gold selection process.


First, the gold mill uses the rotational motion of its grinding wheel to grind the gold ore and crush the ore into fine particles. This grinding effect not only makes the surface of the ore rougher and increases its surface area to facilitate the subsequent gold selection process, but also removes impurities wrapped around the gold particles, making it easier to separate the gold particles.


Secondly, the wet pan mill screens the ground ore particles through the vibration of its sieve plate and the flushing effect of water. Gold particles that meet the requirements will be screened out, while other impurities and waste rocks will be excluded from the gold selection process.


In addition, the wet pan mill can also play a stirring role during the gold separation process, which can increase the contact between the ore particles and the gold separation solution and improve the efficiency of gold separation.


In general, the wet pan mill  plays a vital role in the gold selection process, ensuring the smooth progress of the gold selection process and improving the efficiency and accuracy of gold selection.

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