BTMA–How to collect gold with wet pan mill?

What is wet pan mill?



wet pan mill are also known as wet grinding mill or gold grinding machine. It is the preferred grinding equipment for small and medium-sized grinding plants in Africa, South America and other regions.


Wet pan mill has low investment, high output, convenient use and maintenance, and quick cost recovery, which is the best equipment to replace ball mill.


It is used for re-crushing of materials after the first crushing. The maximum input size is 30 mm, and the output size is 0.074-0.6 mm.


Can I use a wet pan mill to grind gold ore ?



Yes, wet pan mill are especially suitable for grinding rock gold mines and can be ground to 100-150 mesh. Due to the low cost and high production efficiency, some customers in Sudan, Egypt, and South Africa are willing to buy this kind of gold mining machine. The most exciting thing is that you can get pure gold directly after wet grinding, so it is very suitable for people who want to start a business.


wet pan mill are especially suitable for grinding rock gold ore.


In addition, wet disc grinding is also widely used in the separation of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and non-metallic minerals such as silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony, cement, and silicate products.


How does wet pan mill work?


1、Structure of wet pan mill



According to different structures, the types of wet pan mill are divided into single-roller, double-roller and three-roller. The most commonly used is a two-roller wet disc mill. Because the central material enters the inner grinding road from two feeders.


The main components of wet pan mill are frame, water basin, grinding roller, crankshaft, grinding seat, reducer and motor.


Grinding roller: 6% alloy steel, with a service life of at least 3 years.


Ring: Made of standard 85mm high manganese alloy steel, which is harder and stronger than ordinary iron type. The surface of the ring is smoother, which prevents the pores from absorbing mercury and gold.


The BTMA water basin is made of 5mm thick steel plate with good welding finish to ensure the smooth operation of the disc mill. In contrast, other water basins on the market are all 3 mm thick, which is easy to shake.


BTMA Frame: The wear resistance of this joint surface is greatly improved, making the machine last longer. Frames are subject to wear as material and dirt tend to adhere to the square iron to frame interface causing rapid wear. A high-quality frame can reduce your maintenance costs.


2、How to use and maintain the wet pan mill ?


Make sure there is no material in the machine, otherwise the machine may stop. If there is residual ore left in the machine, please clean it up before starting the machine.


Start the wet pan mill and let it idle for 3-5 minutes. Raw materials should be put into the machine after the machine is running normally.


When feeding, the material must be screened to prevent iron filings and hard metal fragments from being introduced and damaging the wet disc grinding unit.


The ore must be fed in strict accordance with the prescribed amount, and overloading is strictly prohibited. The feeder should feed evenly.


Check each screw regularly for looseness.


Lubricating oil should be added to the bearing part regularly. The oil must be clean and well sealed. If the bearing is damaged, please replace it in time to ensure the normal operation of the gear and bearing.


When the machine is working, check whether there is abnormal noise in the gearbox or bearing, whether the temperature is too high, and whether the motor current is too large. If the above phenomenon occurs, stop the machine immediately for repair.


To ensure your safety, the V-belt of the motor should be removed when inspecting and repairing the machine.


Cleaning wet pan mill is very important. Excessive debris or dust on the surface will directly affect the efficiency of the pan mill.





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