BTMA–What cooling method is used to cool the crusher stone?

crusher stone

The crusher stone can produce heat over time, which can lead to serious health problems. However, it can also be dangerous to use if the temperature is too high. To reduce the temperature of the crusher, you can take these steps: This is how we can understand the cooling process of the crusher.

1. The oil film cooling of rotor

This cooling method involves connecting an oil pipe to the crusher’s inlet and using evenly dripping cool oil to remove heat from the rotor.

2, air cooling

The so-called “wet crusher” refers to the fact that air taken in by the interstage or two-stage is compressed, and then transmitted through a combined muffler with integrated absorption.

3, Water cooling

Heat is generated by the compression and transportation of gas in the crusher stone. The heat is then transferred from the rotating shaft to the shell and dissipated.

4. Internal cooling of the rotor

To make the crusher operate under higher pressure differences, it is possible to use a more efficient cooling method. The rotor is cooled using circulating oil. Oil holes and shaft heads of different diameters are inserted at each end of the pump shaft and then discharged through the inner wall from the other end.

The most common cooling methods for crushers are well-known. If the temperature rises, cool the machine down. Otherwise, the machine can burn, which will cause a significant increase in production costs and a lot more inconvenience. The service life of your crusher stone will be extended if it is cooled promptly.

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