What equipment can be used for the selection of alluvial gold?

The following equipment can be used for selecting different types of placer gold deposits, but the specific selection depends on factors such as the geological conditions of the mining area, mineral composition, and processing requirements.


The water-jacketed centrifugal gold separator is a device that uses a centrifugal force field for mineral separation. It is suitable for processing minerals with obvious specific gravity differences such as placer gold ore. This equipment introduces the slurry into a rotating drum-shaped cylinder and uses centrifugal force to separate minerals with different specific gravity. For placer gold ores with high iron content, iron removal treatment needs to be carried out first to avoid the impact of iron minerals on the gold separation effect.


The 6S mineral processing shaker is a device that uses shaking and lateral flow for mineral processing and has a high recovery rate. This equipment is typically used in beneficiation operations to recover gold from placer gold mines.


The agitating chute is a device that uses gravity for mineral processing. It has the advantages of large processing capacity, not easy to harden, and low investment cost. This equipment is usually used for roughing and enrichment operations to initially enrich gold in placer gold mines.


The sawtooth wave jigging machine is a device that uses the jig principle for mineral processing and can handle minerals with larger particle sizes. This equipment is usually used for rough separation and enrichment operations, and has the advantages of large processing capacity and good enrichment effect.


The shaftless trommel screen is a device that uses a rotating drum for screening. It is suitable for ore washing and screening operations of placer gold ores with moderate or small clay content. This equipment has the advantages of large processing capacity, good screening effect, and few equipment failures.


The automatic gold sorting machine is an advanced gold sorting equipment. It adopts a high recovery rate gold sorting machine and the gold recovery rate can reach more than 95%. This equipment is usually used in placer gold beneficiation operations to separate gold from the slurry. In addition, there are eddy current gold separators, suspension gold panning machines, felt machines, belt chutes, jigs, electronic gold separators, gold grinding machines and other automated equipment, which can be selected and used according to different processing requirements and mining area conditions.


When selecting and using alluvial gold mine selection equipment, it is necessary to consider the actual conditions and processing requirements of the mining area, select suitable equipment and perform reasonable configuration and operation to improve the gold selection effect and economic benefits. At the same time, attention needs to be paid to the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment to ensure its normal operation and service life.

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