BTMA-What should you consider when selecting a jaw crusher ?

Before investing in jaw crusher for a business, it is necessary for customers to consider many things, such as capacity, feed size, total discharge size, application, price, service, return, etc.

Here I have listed the important parts that should be considered.


  1. Feeding size

The first thing to consider is the size of the feed. Customers should know the aggregate size of the material before crushing. Because the models of  jaw crushers are divided according to the feed size.


  1. Capacity

Capacity also needs to be considered. If you plan to crush a large amount of aggregate in one day, it is best to choose a large capacity crusher. Otherwise, the small size is more suitable.


  1. Price

The price of a primary jaw crusher is the most important aspect for customers to consider. It is important for customers to choose the right jaw crusher machine at the best price and within the budget. The selling price range of the best jaw crusher is 3000USD-130000USD. Different models have different prices. Contact us to get the latest prices now!


  1. Services

For large mining construction machinery, it is necessary for customers to choose one from a reliable manufacturer that can provide thoughtful service. As we all know, crushing lines are tailor-made solutions for customers. Therefore, it requires constant communication, follow-up and feedback. The best service can help customers save a lot of maintenance and after-sales service costs.


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